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Postpartum is a beautiful time for Mother and baby to bond and rest together. I want nothing more than modern Moms to know about the benefits of practicing this miracle, take the time to rest and for goodness sake - give others the chores for once!

Future Moms; regain your strength during postpartum recuperation! Why not have a beautiful keepsake?

Our goals are to advocate the benefits of parent to baby skin to skin; for mothers to feel beautiful while holding their baby in skin to skin & provide locally made, beautiful maternity products all handmade in Europe including gift packages for baby showers plus World Wide Shipping. 

Bio BS@S

Our brand is research backed by mothers who shared similar stories and driven by personal passion to help others. I myself have a BsC in Health Science and a Masters in Communication in Health Science. 


After having my baby girl and feeling left in the dark about the huge role of skin to skin and how it improves the chances in the struggles of breastfeeding; modern medicine sometimes just isn't enough! I simply needed to go #backtobasics and #takebackpostpartum, but my birth hospital and even doula lacked in information on the importance of skin to skin, and the impact of breastfeeding... I knew I had to do something.

For more information on skin to skin contact (SSC), also known as Kangaroo Mother Care, please contact your local hospital, midwife, doula, and of course our blog and social media platforms for more! 


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