What makes a Modern Mom?

 I’ve been presented with challenges, just like anyone else, and usually defined myself as someone quite fearless. But since being a Mom fears like you never thought to scare you, will, do and have and it's only because we care. 

As complex as women are, Moms specifically have a lot going for them. We have the ability to bear children, and shape the life of another human being. This is said not only because I am a Mother, but because as an adult I also have a pretty good relationship with my Mom, and she has with hers, plus my Mom is one of 5 sisters who are also all Moms. Women’s body’s are designed to bear children, that does not mean that women have to or physically aren’t presented with challenges with fertility, but they are designed that way. Conception, pregnancy, and birth including raising children is a compilation of miracles, that’s the way I look at it anyways. A combination of biology, psychology, genetics, and all the studies combined take to grow and raise a healthy child.

Modern Mom

I always think as women as a species that have many tabs open at the same time (think of your Internet Explorer or for Mac peeps, your Safari). It sometimes feels like a miracle to actually close a tab, but oh does it feel good doesn’t it Mom?

It shouldn't be a shock to most people, that Modern Moms do it all. This isn't to say that modern Dads, don't either. But that there is a whole new post. Dads rock too and I wouldn't want to leave them out! But step aside Dad, Moms first for now.


 It goes to show that modern Moms can do it all, and do. Although there are still pay gaps in modern society between women and men, Moms in most countries are granted and have right to paid maternity leave after giving birth. But if after Leave decide to return back to work, Moms are presented with challenges with being promoted and moving up in a company, no doubt. This is usually because your family takes precedent and if you don’t decide to choose your family over working longer hours or traveling for work, your family usually ‘suffers’ (I am sure many people would and could argue this!).


Luckily nowadays, modern Moms tend to be paired with modern Dads, and like I said modern Dads rock and more often than not, step in more as a role of parent than they ever did. At least I’d like to hope so, and because so does my husband (love you!).

Mom’s do it all. This also goes for stay-at-home Moms, more SAHM nowadays are picking up extra jobs working from home when baby is napping or at school. This could be a priority for extra spending money for the family, and because more Moms than ever are educated before they get married or have children and more Moms are determined to rise and grind. More Moms go to night school after their children have slept, take online courses to further their education, like I said…can do it all. SAHM are a species that can’t sit still. Either they are dropping it all and traveling around the world with their children because they decided to dump the rat race, or they are becoming Mompreneur’s, bloggers, CEOs of their own company and taking life by their own reigns. Hear us roar!

Modern Mom

I take my hats off to women in general. I know I am focused on Moms here, but we do belong to a greater species of women. And if a woman decided to not become a Mom, well honestly that there is a responsible human being.

I could go on forever putting Modern Mom’s into categories. But in reality I will shy over that, because I am a Modern Mom and I would like to think of myself of someone that does not categorize people (toys and my kitchen on the other hand could also use more categorization - you feel me Moms?). That is why I say we do it all and can do it all. Because opportunity is ours. If we chose to quit our jobs and leave everything we worked for because we now dedicate more time to our families, or not and keeping rising and grinding at our job or start your own company  having found inspiration and decided to do something after this new chapter- it’s all possible. With support of the internet and technology nowadays, you and your family could pick up your bags and live half way around the world and still feel ‘connected’. 

Modern Mom

I always told myself, if you are not happy with your life and feeling angry its because you are fighting yourself from a possible change. Women in general have intuition and we should always trust it. Go with your gut as Oprah Winfrey said. Choose a new path, or not but always prioritize your family. I can not say this without a doubt. Children will be shaped by their parents and their home life. It will with no doubt make them who they are later on in life - swallow that pill. This does not mean that they may not test your rules but they will always have your family morals and what you made important in your day to day. Think about it….don’t you of your family? Didn’t you one way or another be shaped by your family and household growing up, no matter what it was to you?


My last point for Modern Moms, is to take it easy. I have noticed that Modern Moms like…excuse me, rather love control. We like the feeling of doing it all, and checking off boxes and getting it all done but complain when its either too much or not done right if not done by themselves. So, if this sounds familiar, we must remember to pause for even a moment and take a second to breathe, it would make us feel a lot better checking off those boxes because we all know we will still be moving, but just in a more restful mindful way. So take care of yourselves Modern Moms, and enjoy life. Enjoy your family, enjoy nature, enjoy your husband (or wife), your family, your work, your day-to-day. If you are not loving life, then do something about it.

Modern Mom

Opportunity has never been lacking for modern day women, and as they say: if there is no door awaiting you then go to Home Depot (DIY center) and build one. Ok…so I may have made that up…but catchy isn't it? :-)





Love ya! 

xoxo Baby Skin2Skin

Modern Mom