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What is Kangaroo Care pamphlet

What is Skin to Skin pamphlet
We have followed and re-pinned already hundreds of posts from other like moms that know the power of skin to skin and are spreading the word of their hospital, doula, midwife to other mom-to-bes and we couldn't be more proud to be along there with them sharing knowledge plus gorgeous maternity style of course :-)

Skin to skin is not only relevant for premature babies, but for all babes alike. So join us! Follow us on Pinterest to have your hospital bag packed to perfection (get ready starting in the 3rd trimester!), laugh together at funny mommy moments, stay motivated with daily quotes, plus so so much more!

Remember, with every Baby Skin2Skin maternity dress purchase, you will receive a FREE educational card on skin to skin plus a eco-friendly cosmetic case to bring with you to the hospital all in one! Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING!


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