Perfection: Don't Kid Yourself

Sofia Vergara was quoted complaining about her once pregnant body...I don't know about you but I consider her body pregnant or not to be that similar to a Venus Goddess. So in my mind, if even Sofia Vergara complains about anything related to her figure post or pregnant, where does that leave me? ;-) Sofia Vergara was quoted to say her body is "round and deformed looking" when she's pregnant - imagine that?! A stunning woman complaining about her body...Hmm.... no never.

Life lesson, perfection doesn't hard, be yourself and give yourself a bit of luxury and a break just every once in a while, you deserve it!

How did I get to these life lessons you may ask? Well, here's a bit of background:

Recently I've been told to slow down; “Queda tranquila”, “Slowly Senora” I’ve been told. I can remember vividly it two times. I was caught off guard for both. Once I was rushing (with the stroller may I add you - bad mom, mala madre) to get to the other side of the road when traffic was waiting (two cars). An old Man peeped his head out the window, and said “Slowly Senora.” As he let me pass, and slowly drove away after we had safely crossed the road “Enjoy your day”….he said. It wasn't a Sunday. It wasn't a bank holiday. It was a Wednesday at 3:30… just saying. He clearly wasn't rushing and found it strange that I was - for no apparent reason. But you have to understand the background of the need to even share this story. 

p.s. the other time I was in the supermarket, no need to get back home in a rush btw. Just rushing for no apparent reason again...


I’m born in America, and of mixed blood, like so many of us mixed bloods out there. Between the Latin and the British blood in me as well, it didn't matter. Like so so many of us, I was caught up in the rat race. Bills, debt, punctuality, perfection. PERFECTION! Perfect colleague, perfect apartment, perfect bank account, perfect friends (that were usually pretty bad ones tbh), I put so much pressure on myself. Even now, I’ve supposedly ‘slowed down’, and I’m still telling myself it’s not enough!


So, what changed? Age. Moving to Europe. Being a wife to a man that adores me. Finding peace. Being grateful for every day I'm here with my family. Just to name a few...

I still battle with perfection and what this may seem, but my focus changed the day my daughter was born. I was no longer “obsessed with myself” or even "obsessed with myself trying to change the world" in a vain or impossible way but rather my family and the member I play in my (online) community. Bettering myself mind, body and soul has brought an immense feeling of calm and peace. 

Mind you, I still freak and get mad. But a lot less. I feel more in control and sometimes honestly feel I’m living in slow motion. Like the grand master has just slowed down time and allowed me to better see things then giving me more small moments of clarity and peace throughout my day. 


(Reminding me of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs  - science nerd remember)

Maslow's Hierachy Of Needs


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Take care Mama,

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