Our #Getspoiled Campaign is finally here!

Yippee! It’s finally here. I am very excited to announce that our hard work dedicated to baby and Mums worldwide #gettingspoiled during the pregnancy, maternity and postpartum, has finally begun! Just in time for the introduction of Spring; Fresh new beginnings, warmer climate, sunnier days, and a new outlook on life? Why not! Our main goal here at Baby Skin2Skin has always been primarily to educate new Mums during pregnancy and postpartum of the benefits of skin to skin, breastfeeding (when possible), and baby wearing. Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) describes the postnatal period as the most critical and yet the most neglected phase in the life of mothers and babies? 


You must be wondering, but how can a retail business like Baby Skin2Skin help?


Well, according to Forbes (2018) magazine, most millennials prefer brands with a purpose. 

In fact, according to research, 75% of consumers worldwide expect brands to contribute to their well-being and quality of life. The notion of brand purpose is especially important when marketing to millennials, 71% of whom say they prefer brands that drive social and environmental change.


Our mission is to advocate the benefits of postpartum care both locally and globally by providing information, support and comfort and care, while focusing on sharing the endless benefits of a free method known as skin to skin, kangaroo care. With each sale of our products, we are able to share more information globally about the benefits, correct positioning, important questions list to ask your midwife, and why to even practice in the first place. Signing up for our updates during your pregnancy, New Mums can receive our

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The essence of our #getspoiled campaign is to display the truth about maternity, especially during the first 3 months postpartum period. The “truth” about maternity varies from person to person and is a deep pit of endless information covering topics such as body transformation, hormones, baby blues, pain management, support, milk supply, breastfeeding, lack of sleep, stages of labor, stress and so much more… 

Tene Sommer author and founder of Tene Sommer lifestyle blog and founder of Sommer Mom, plus most recently our #getspoiled campaign’s fabulous new influencer, has recently given birth to a beautiful new baby girl! She is a local Marbella (Spain) lifestyle blogger whom has done such an amazing job to make new Mumhood look so beautiful and effortless. Along with the beauty and the perfection, she also has talked about topics such as being a strong woman, postpartum body pics, healthy recipes, being a working Mum, and more! 




We know that the first three months postpartum is a rollercoaster ride, and any Mum can tell you stories. Here at Baby Skin2Skin we don't deny this, nor hesitate to talk about the grueling bits. But we also provide helpful tips and support on how to improve the struggle…please tell us more! 

#getspoiled is not only for Mum to show off about being glamorous during a time where she can barely even pull up her own underpants, but rather focusing on the time baby and New Mum spend together.



All Mothers (and Fathers!) can provide kangaroo care / skin to skin irrespective of age, parity, education, culture and religion. Even health workers would prefer this method for their own infants. So why does skin to skin often not happen post birth you may ask? Why do many hospitals not even include this method in their birth plan? Why are babies still being rushed off to be cleaned quickly after birth when this can easily be postponed (for healthy born babies)? Why does skin to skin often not continue after the Golden Hour? Why are the benefits not more clearly discussed from our doulas, health workers, nurses? 


Well, that issue runs deep into topics such as new Mums not doing their own research, hospitals wanting to show off their fancy expensive machines, health workers needing to show their skills off, and simply put...habits. When in reality holding your baby in skin to skin is more than an alternative to incubator care for only preterm babies (as its mainly promoted), but has been shown to be effective for thermal control, breastfeeding and bonding in all newborn infants (WHO, 2003). Please discuss this method further with your midwife and hospital staff to learn more clearly about when and how this can be performed after birth. 


I mean if a method that is free and simple to continue from hospital to home that can effectively meet my baby’s needs for warmth, breastfeeding, protection from infection, stimulation, safety and love…would you hesitate? 


Not to mention skin to skin contact outcomes for mothers suggest improved bonding/attachment with baby, other outcomes are increased sense of mastery and self-enhancement, resulting in increased confidence as a mother (Alfonso 1989).


You see, I’m not pulling these words from thin air. I have a educational background that has taught me to search and decipher scientific articles in an effective manner. So all the facts stated by Baby Skin2Skin can be linked directly back to scientific articles (unlike many other Blogs out there that re-source from other blogs, and words get twisted along the way. Ever play the game telephone?).


So….having explained to you all this. We hope Mums take the time to learn the benefits of skin to skin, reach out to their doula, nurse, pediatrician, hospital staff and make sure that time spent in skin to skin post birth with baby is important. You will find many nurses will want to swaddle your baby and put him/her in a cot…just say NO! If dad is around and you need to rest, shower, go to the toilet etc. let him hold baby skin to skin, chest to chest and let them bond. Dads can perform skin to skin too and its a simple and easy way for Dad to feel included in a time that is so focused on Mums ability. Dads rock skin to skin too! 


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