Birth Affirmations

In preparation for birth, there are so many things to buy and prepare for. Between the muslins, the onsies, the socks, hats, not to mention the items Mom and Dad need. The one and most important thing you can not leave behind when rushing to the hospital after your water breaks is your mind. Yes you heard me…you can not avoid leaving this anywhere. Your thoughts go with you wherever you go.


In preparation for birth, my doula told me “Prepare for birth like you are preparing for a marathon”. You see, I had recently ran a 10k (for me it felt like a marathon! Nonetheless it was a personal milestone). A couple weeks later, we found out we were pregnant. Meaning I was pregnant when I ran it, so that tip stayed with me.


I knew what I had to do. I knew I needed to eat right, get my body ready and very importantly get my mind right.


I was going for walks daily, stretching and continuing to eat healthy (my worst cravings were popcorn and ginger ale!). Now to get my mind away from nervous wreck to prepared in control Mama, I knew I had some work to do. Once I took to Google, in my many nights nesting, I found an enormous amount of what they call “Birth Affirmations” in preparation for getting my mind right. I found more that birth quotes or affirmations or mantras are a way to step out of the way of your mind and let your body do its thing. The mind is a powerful tool but can also be a brick wall. You see, whether you opt for an epidural or go au naturale, there will always be awkward, very painful, emotional, happy basically a whole heap of moments from the beginning to the end of your birth that will challenge you in every way. Every Mom experiences something different.


Feeling comfort in the unknown can be scary and difficult for many.


Hence why having your Birth Mantras in your head ready to repeat in order to ‘get your mind right’ can be very very handy.


To go back a couple months before my birth. I found the mantra that was for me. It was something along the lines of telling myself I was Strong, & My Body Was Made to Birth a Baby. I had it printed out on 2 pieces of paper. 1 to visually see every single day (I had mine in my closet) and the other ready in my hospital bag.

You see, I never ended up needing that second piece of paper physically speaking from my hospital bag to remind me that I Am Strong because I already knew it! I felt ready mind, body, and spirit.


I was scared to death, but I was ready for whatever came our way. And let me tell you, the next 48 hours were bumpy!


When pregnant, you have NO IDEA what’s coming. You can watch Youtube birthing videos (eek!) and attend classes to prepare you, or visit your hospital (totally do this it helps acclimatize with your surroundings!) which for me all helped but for people like my husband spooked him out (everyone nests differently)!  I felt responsible, like most Moms I think during pregnancy feel the same, and usually spend their time “nesting” by educating themselves on birth and all things baby related. But you still will have no idea what’s in your future exactly because it’s still yet to come!


Birth Mantras are a way when the going gets tough and the time comes to really bite the bullet while birthing your baby, baby is almost here (yippee!) and you most likely really REALLY need to “get into the zone” and start to really get yourself ready to push that baby out (if your having a natural birth) or prepare to get your mind in the right place during a c-section procedure.


This is when that little piece of paper helps or even just knowing you have the paper with you, that you repeated to yourself every day helps or if your really really strong just repetition to your self gets you through the last minutes of the birthing process.


This is when I would also mention the power of visualization can be amazing! But that’s another Blog Post, all in good time! I’ll tell you why visualizing a simple door got me through my contractions…


I hope these Amazing Birth Mantras help at least 1 Mom out there:

What is a birth affirmation

To ride the waves of contractions...Contraction wave affirmation

Relax and release

Power of the universe

The difference between breathing your baby out vrs pushing and creating a wall of pressure during birth is EVERYTHING


Just an everyday reminder you can do this! I can handle anything that comes my way during birth.


Definition of birth affirmation

Which will you choose? Happy healthy birthing Mamas!


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