BIG NEWS: Collaboration is key! And we've got it!

Baby Skin2Skin Blog

This week is huge for us and we are feeling super grateful and full of love! Not only did we launch our online store, already have customers from all around the world (USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, The Netherlands, Spain - WE LOVE YOU!) but we received word back that our local mother and family hospital will be collaborating with us. They are a HUGE partner for our Educational Cards provided with each dress sold and the subscribers Free PDF and we couldn't be more excited to meet with their top Pediatrician and midwife to speak about skin to skin!

To me, as the Founder, Baby Skin2Skin is not only about selling dresses that promote a very important global health concern BUT also about education, education and education. Future moms and dads maybe don't even know what skin to skin is nor the amazing short and long term health benefits for baby, and unfortunately still many hospitals do not tell or sadly show you. 

We hope to do our part in spreading the word both in our local communities and online through social media (Instagram and Facebook @babyskin2skin) and via our website and sales. And this is certainly a huge and exciting step in the right direction!! Woo Hoo people!!!! More news to come, stay tuned. Subscribe to our updates and receive immediate word on discounts and promotions plus FREE Educational Card pdfs with questions to ask hospital staff and more on prep for baby's arrival! 


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