Because Presentation Does Matter

There's nothing like unwrapping a gift by pulling off a ribbon that someone took the time to wrap oh so carefully. A product's presentation nowadays should always be nothing short of fabulous as standard.  

Here at Baby Skin2Skin we offer our wonderful products in an array of Gift Baskets in three editions:


BASIC: slippers, headband, gown of choice plus FREE BAG!— 60 eu


PREMIUM: slippers, headband, gown of choice, baby wrap, lactation cookies plus FREE BAG!  — 85 eu


DELUXE: slippers, headband, gown of choice (custom embroidered name), baby wrap, lactation cookies, organic soap, lavender spray, cleaners coupon (available locally only) plus FREE BAG! —  150 eu


Need a gift for a baby shower but have no idea what a new Mom would even want? Well, look no further Marbella Moms we've got you covered! 

We hand bake our lactation cookies with a 90% improvement of breastmilk increased production !

Lavender spray is made from actual Mediterranean grown lavender (not from fake synthetics) to provide a relaxing ambient smell to your home or room

And our organic soaps are made from donkey's milk to provide a gentle wash for all Moms



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