Did you know?

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes the postnatal period as the most critical and yet the most neglected phase in the lives of mothers and babies.


You must be wondering, but how can Baby Skin2Skin help?

Our Mission

Our aim is to advocate for the benefits of skin to skin for all newborns and mothers alike.

We at Baby Skin2skin provide lush postpartum packages for Mom on her postpartum journey;

- armed with a 'Questions For My Midwife' reminder sheet and skin to skin positioning visuals;

- plus lush hospital stay slippers,

- headbands to protect you from fly aways,

- and a maternity gown that allows you to keep up with modesty in skin to skin, breastfeeding and baby wearing, from hospital to home.

Baby Skin2Skin would be honored

to be a part of your postpartum journey.

From pregnancy to birth, we strive to prepare new Moms with the best resources on important topics such as: 'What Is Skin to Skin?', 'How can it help me breastfeed?', 'What if I have a cesarean?'. 

These moments are so precious and should be cherished...don't you think?

Kangaroo Care

"The robe is super comfy, and very useful! Thank you so much!"

Stephanie R.S

"My favorite dress is the 'Alexandra'. The ruffled off the shoulder look is so in right now, and also convenient for being a new mom." 

Sofia G.

“I want all mothers to feel beautiful and special while bonding skin to skin with their newborn baby. I feel we have accomplished this.” 

Founder, CEO

"We at Baby Skin2Skin promote parent bonding & practicing skin to skin during the moments directly after birth and beyond.”

Founder, CEO

"Loving your dedication to Baby Skin2Skin"

Claire M. Doula